Pixel Shortcodes

Dynamic shortcodes.

Pixel Shortcodes consists of a collection of dynamic and responsive elements, accessible via easy to use shortcodes. Each element is meticulously built with the latest coding techniques and standards, and adapts seamlessly to the look and feel of each Pixelobject theme.

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Loaded with vector icons.

Choose from hundreds of minimal, retina–ready and customisable icons to beautifully illustrate your content. Icons can be inserted into specific shortcodes or stand–alone within your content.

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Easy shortcode generation.

Quickly customise and add a wide variety of page elements, such as buttons, tabs, testimonial carousels and much more, into your content within an easy to use shortcode generator, located within the WordPress visual editor.

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The shortcodes.

Pixel Shortcodes includes an ever–expanding collection of beautifully designed and dynamic shortcodes to upgrade your Pixelobject theme. Below is a snapshot of the current collection:
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[po_column width=”3″ type=”s” width2=”6″ type2=”xs”]

  • Accordion
  • Clients
  • Count
  • Devices
  • Tweets

[po_column width=”3″ type=”s” width2=”6″ type2=”xs”]

  • Disclaimer
  • iBox
  • Lazy
  • Lightbox

[po_column width=”3″ type=”s” width2=”6″ type2=”xs”]

  • Mailbag
  • Maps
  • Pricing
  • Progress

[po_column width=”3″ type=”s” width2=”6″ type2=”xs”]

  • Tabs
  • Team
  • Testimonials
  • Tiles


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