Pixel Downloads

Sell your digital products.

Pixel Downloads integrates beautifully with the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin and the Float theme to help you sell and manage your digital products. Pixel Downloads supports EDD’s core add–ons including Software Licensing, Recurring Payments, Auto Register, Free Downloads, MailChimp, Per Product Emails, and more.

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Customise your shop.

Choose from two thumbnail styles, including a web theme, and a selection of EDD widgets to customise your shop page and product thumbnails.

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Dynamic product pages.

Customise your product pages with two unique header types, various customisable elements, shortcode embed sections and a dedicated call–to–action banner.

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Display your pricing.

Choose from either a standard pricing template or a custom pricing section using Pixel Shortcode’s Pricing shortcode.

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Beautiful checkout.

With a completely reimagined Easy Digital Downloads checkout, your customers will enjoy a fresher, clearer and quicker experience when purchasing your digital products.

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Styled account suite.

Your customers can manage their purchases in a beautifully designed, minimal account suite, complete with product thumbnails and styled product receipts.

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This is a demo of Pixel Download’s sales page. View the real version